Koi Revolt (1859)

Koi revolt is an important mass uprising among the tribal people in the region of Bastar. The rebellion was formed to stand against the autocratic and domineering British rule. This significant revolt in the history of Chhattisgarh, which is known as Koi revolt, took place in the year eighteen hundred and fifty nine.

A vital revolution among the other tribal rebellions, Koi revolt is considered as a serious uprising that resulted in a considerable change as its aftermath. Koi revolution began taking its shape in the area of southern Bastar. The tribal people declined to accept the decision of the British, which offered the contracts of cutting of Sal trees to people outside the region of Bastar.

The contractors from Hyderabad were offered the deal of cutting the Sal trees in the region of Bastar. The people of the Jamindaris, who were involved in the cutting of trees, were known as Kois, which subsequently became the name of the revolution.

The contractors who were offered the contract of cutting the trees were also known to exploit the innocent tribal people in many ways. This added to the problem and the tribal men were exploited both economically as well as mentally.

When the water rose above their heads, the tribal people called for the Koi revolution in Bastar. They collectively decided that they would not tolerate the cutting of a single tree. The British wanted to suppress the unrest and used various methods to stop the opposition led by the tribal people. But this time, the tribal people were very steadfast in their decision. They would not allow the exploitation of their natural resources and rich forests.




One Response to “Koi Revolt (1859)”
  1. It reminds me the revolt of Bishnoï women in Rajasthan ( India) in the XVII° century. Many of them died to defend the trees against the wood-cutters who wanted to cut the trees to build a new palace for the Jodhpur king. The wood-cutters killed them with their axes when they were enlacing the trees, they cut the trees and finally the palace was built.

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