Dogs (A poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

These stray dogs in the streets, Begging – an endowment their only treat. Curses from others, are their total effects, Abuses by the world, are their only assets. Neither rest at night, nor joy in the day, Filth is their abode, in gutters do they lay. If agitated, then turn them on one another, A … Continue reading

Total Revolution

[On his return home to Patna in 1975 after release from detention due to acute illness, JP (Jayaprakash Narayan) wrote a long letter to his followers explaining the circumstances of the Bihar movement and committing the remaining years of his life to total revolution.]   Continuing Change From the very beginning I have been saying … Continue reading

Hazare hails start of ‘new revolution’ in India | euronews, world news

A lashing monsoon rain was not enough to put off the jubilant crowds in New Delhi as India’s anti-corruption campaigner Anna Hazare was freed from jail. Earlier he had refused to leave prison before police agreed to allow him to begin a fortnight’s hunger strike. The 74-year-old told supporters that although the British had left, … Continue reading

Sarvodaya and Anarchism

In [the ideal state] every one is his own ruler. He rules himself in such a manner that he is never a hindrance to his neighbour. In [such a state], therefore, there is no political power because there is no State.’ –Gandhi (Young India, 2 July 1931; quoted in Ostergaard (1971), p. 28) The practical … Continue reading

Excerpts from news article (the Anna Movement)

by Sudip Mazumdar for   …India’s sweeping mass movement. It is peaceful, non-violent and all-inclusive, propagating a “middle path” shunning the extremism of Maoists on the one hand and rightwing bigotry on the other. We must remember that ordinary Indians have been brutalised for far too long by tyrannical state functionaries ranging from a ruthless … Continue reading

Gadar Party

The Ghadar Party, initially the Pacific Coast Hindustan Association, was formed in 1913 in the United States under the leadership of Har Dayal, with Sohan Singh Bhakna as its president. It drew members from Indian immigrants, largely from Punjab. Ghadar’s ultimate goal was to overthrow British colonial authority in India by means of an armed … Continue reading

Gungadin Luhar from India: Coalition Against Work and Civilization (Radio interview)

Click the following to play the audio: Notes on the interview by Gungadin Luhar. *About Al Hilaal * At the centre of the term hilaal is the infinitive: hilaanaa . In many South Asian languages it means to move, to shake something. This name is based on a belief about Santhals from eastern India.Early … Continue reading