Dogs (A poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

These stray dogs in the streets, Begging – an endowment their only treat. Curses from others, are their total effects, Abuses by the world, are their only assets. Neither rest at night, nor joy in the day, Filth is their abode, in gutters do they lay. If agitated, then turn them on one another, A … Continue reading

Review of Ramachandra Guha’s “India after Gandhi” by Sumit Sarkar

The focus on political parties—and within them, on dominant personalities—inevitably leads to the exclusion of other protagonists, however. In his Prologue, Guha writes rather beautifully of the colourful tent cities that protesters from the provinces had established in the 1990s on either side of the Rajpath in Delhi—the imperial highway that runs up to the … Continue reading