“Our democracy is based upon semi-anarchist freedom of thought” by Safina Ali

Source: http://www.preservearticles.com/201105136578/essay-on-right-to-protest-and-indian-democracy.html Social peace and democratic set-up in India is threatened by the agitations and strikes, some call it a prelude to new thinking and new sensibility. Ethical foundation of human behavior is crumbling down. Every aspirant for political office employs force to make his presence felt. Naturally, democracy and the democratic spirit is in … Continue reading

“Narendra Modi is another ‘fatal conceit’” by Jaimine

Not many Indians, UPA supporters, Gandhian chamchas, Communists’ supporters and Modi supporters will even dare to understand that the system of government – in India – is nothing but a violent matrix of terrorism. They are also politically unready to unplug their conscience from various economical delusions, because they have been brainwashed with splendid imbecility, … Continue reading

Excerpts from “Anarchist modernism: art, politics, and the first American avant-garde”

Anarchist modernism: art, politics, and the first American avant-garde By Allan Antliff