“Free market economics: Can PM Modi change the narrative?” by Gurcharan Das

Source: The Economic Times http://goo.gl/Xv2JLz Too many Indians still believe that the market makes “the rich richer and the poor poorer” and leads to corruption and crony capitalism. This is false, of course. Despite the market having generated broad-spread prosperity over two decades — lifting 250 million poor above the poverty line — people still … Continue reading

“Narendra Modi is another ‘fatal conceit’” by Jaimine

Not many Indians, UPA supporters, Gandhian chamchas, Communists’ supporters and Modi supporters will even dare to understand that the system of government – in India – is nothing but a violent matrix of terrorism. They are also politically unready to unplug their conscience from various economical delusions, because they have been brainwashed with splendid imbecility, … Continue reading