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Gaduliya Lohar woman. Rajasthan, India. As usual, they are seated in front of their “gadi”, the chariot they use to travel as well as their house. While the man is making a pick by hammering on his anvil, his wife is rotating the bellows.  Timelessly, they repeat these gestures for hours…

European Gypsies and the Historical Geography of Loathing (Extracts)

European Gypsies and the Historical Geography of Loathing by jim mac laughlin     Access the text at:

Gypsies and Germans -Albert Meltzer

The following extract is from: The Box Scandal; Gypsies and Germans; The Film Scandal; The Road to Salvation: In the Van; Lost Millions; Paradise Lost and Regained from the book:  I Couldn’t Paint Golden Angels: Sixty Years of Commonplace Life and Anarchist Agitation   Gypsies and Germans Somewhere I read as a child that a gypsy … Continue reading