the imitating monkey: India an uncomfortable democracy

Functioning anarchy in India By: Shashi Tharoor | Published: August 16, 2011   Every year, during India’s rainy season, there is, equally predictably, a ‘monsoon session’ of parliament. And, every year, there seems to be increasing debate about which is stormier — the weather or the legislature. Consider the current session, which began on August … Continue reading

The ‘Niira Radia’ Expose (The Indian Media)

Journalism in a Radiaactive media -G Sampath The mainstream media’s response to the Niira Radia tapes gives journalists a lot to think about. The two media figures who have attracted the most attention in connection with this controversy — Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi — have each offered their clarifications. Barkha’s defence is on the … Continue reading

Excerpts from news article (the Anna Movement)

by Sudip Mazumdar for   …India’s sweeping mass movement. It is peaceful, non-violent and all-inclusive, propagating a “middle path” shunning the extremism of Maoists on the one hand and rightwing bigotry on the other. We must remember that ordinary Indians have been brutalised for far too long by tyrannical state functionaries ranging from a ruthless … Continue reading