“Relearning Anarchism in India” by Jaimine Bezboznik

Source: http://www.readoo.in/2016/02/anarchy-in-india In India as elsewhere, anarchist thought is widely misunderstood. As Bhagat Singh (1907 – 1931), one of the few Indian revolutionaries who had explicit anarchist leanings, put it: “The people are scared of the word anarchism. The word anarchism has been abused so much that even in India revolutionaries have been called anarchist to … Continue reading

“The reason it’s so difficult to obtain progressive verdicts in India’s courts” by Girish Shahane

Source: http://scroll.in/article/716073/The-reason-it’s-so-difficult-to-obtain-progressive-verdicts-in-India’s-courts Liberals won a small victory on Tuesday when the Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional Section 66A of the Information Technology Act that had criminalised the transmission of electronic communications that had the potential to annoy or offend people. The phrasing of what constituted a crime was so vague that a large percentage … Continue reading

“Our democracy is based upon semi-anarchist freedom of thought” by Safina Ali

Source: http://www.preservearticles.com/201105136578/essay-on-right-to-protest-and-indian-democracy.html Social peace and democratic set-up in India is threatened by the agitations and strikes, some call it a prelude to new thinking and new sensibility. Ethical foundation of human behavior is crumbling down. Every aspirant for political office employs force to make his presence felt. Naturally, democracy and the democratic spirit is in … Continue reading

“AnComm fallacy” by Jaimine

Source: Indian Libertarians http://www.indianlibertarians.org/ancommfallacy/ It is thousand times more better to have common-sense without education than to have education without common-sense. In this context, I intend to highlight that anarcho-communism is a 16 letter word used by inferior magicians with the wrong alchemical formula for transforming earth into gold. To simplify, Anarchist communism (AnComm) advocates the … Continue reading

“Free market economics: Can PM Modi change the narrative?” by Gurcharan Das

Source: The Economic Times http://goo.gl/Xv2JLz Too many Indians still believe that the market makes “the rich richer and the poor poorer” and leads to corruption and crony capitalism. This is false, of course. Despite the market having generated broad-spread prosperity over two decades — lifting 250 million poor above the poverty line — people still … Continue reading

“Denotified and Nomadic Tribes in Maharashtra” by Motiraj Rathod

Source: http://sickle.bwh.harvard.edu/india_tribes.html Transcribed November 7, 2000 Introduction The Nomadic and Denotified tribes constitute about five million of population in Maharashtra and about 60 million all over India. There are 313 Nomadic Tribes and 198 Denotified Tribes. Due to the wandering traditions over hundreds of years without any ostensible means of livelihood under the influence of … Continue reading

India’s humane anarchy India After Gandhi: The history of the world’s largest democracy by Ramachandra Guha

Review by Aditya Adhikari A unitary, democratic and progressive Indian state was by no means pre-determined by its colonial legacy. At the time of Independence in August 1947, there had been nearly a year of incessant rioting between groups of Hindus and Muslims. An Islamic state had been carved out from the western and eastern flanks … Continue reading

“Keep cyberspace free” by SAMIR SARAN

It is a global commons that cannot be controlled by any government or corporation. History today stands on the cusp of a technological pivot much like it did 160 years ago. When US commodore Matthew Perry sailed into Tokyo Bay in 1853, he found a Japan so fossilised in time by its technophobic bureaucracy and protectionist businesses … Continue reading

“Narendra Modi is another ‘fatal conceit’” by Jaimine

Not many Indians, UPA supporters, Gandhian chamchas, Communists’ supporters and Modi supporters will even dare to understand that the system of government – in India – is nothing but a violent matrix of terrorism. They are also politically unready to unplug their conscience from various economical delusions, because they have been brainwashed with splendid imbecility, … Continue reading

Justice? You ge…

Justice? You get justice in the next world. In this world, you have the law,” -William Gaddis. William Gaddis.