Gandhi on Police & Economics

I have conceded that even in a non-violent state a police force may be necessary…Of course, I can and do envisage a state where the police would be unnecessary but whether we shall succeed in realizing it, the future alone will show.…Police ranks will be composed of believers in non-violence.  The people will instinctively render them every help and through mutual cooperation they will easily deal with the ever decreasing disturbances…Violent quarrels between labor and capital and strikes will be few and far between in a non-violent state because the influence of the non-violent majority will be great as to respect the principle elements in society.  Similarly, there will be no room for communal disturbances…


Government control gives rise to fraud, suppression of Truth, intensification of the black market and artificial scarcity… Economic equality is the master key to non-violent independence…A non-violent system of government is impossible as long as the wide gulf between the rich and the hungry millions persists….A violent and bloody revolution is a certainty one day unless there is a voluntary abdication of riches and the power riches give and a sharing of them for the public good….All have not the same capacity…I would not cramp talent…I want to bring about an equalization of status…

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