Gandhi on Freedom

The spirit of political and international liberty is universal and, it may even be said, instinctive…The attainment of freedom, whether for a man, a nation or the world, must be in exact proportion to the attainment of non-violence by each…There is no such thing as slow freedom.  Till we are fully free we are all slaves...I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.  I must be free to build a staircase to Sirius if I want to…No action which is not voluntary can be called moral.  So long as we act like machines there can be no question of morality….Freedom is like birth. Till we are fully free, we are slaves….No charter of freedom will be worth looking at which does not ensure the same measure of freedom for the minorities as for the majority….True nonviolence should mean a complete freedom from ill-will and anger and hate and an overflowing love for all….Complete independence does not mean arrogant isolation or a superior disdain for all help….If it is man’s (sic) privilege to be independent, it is equally his duty to be inter-dependent…. Any action that is dictated by fear or by coercion of any kind ceases to be moral….Freedom of the individual is at the root of all progress.

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