“Redundant Laws” by VakilNo1

Source: (http://goo.gl/e4NJqm)

By refusing to change with the times, these laws also bar the ordinary citizen’s access to justice or even right to normal behavior.

Only rape is jailable offence, not sexual molestation.

The Lunacy Act takes a harmless epileptic to be the same as a certified lunatic.

Poor, homeless person are often harassed as the Vagrancy Act allows anyone who’s “loitering with intent” to be booked. (How do you prove that you had no “intent” as you loitered?)

Thanks to a piece of ridiculous legislation called the Prevention of Seditious Meeting Act, 1911, an independent India can still disallow a prisoner from wearing a khadi Gandhi Cap.

The Police (Incitement to Disaffection) Act, 1920, has been used just twice. Once against Lokmanya Tilak. The second time was in 1981-against the author of a pamphlet that commended the police for forming an association to demand better rights. (Striking textile mill workers had rioted and the cops had stayed way.)

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