“Narendra Modi is another ‘fatal conceit’” by Jaimine

Not many Indians, UPA supporters, Gandhian chamchas, Communists’ supporters and Modi supporters will even dare to understand that the system of government – in India – is nothing but a violent matrix of terrorism. They are also politically unready to unplug their conscience from various economical delusions, because they have been brainwashed with splendid imbecility, opinionated information, churnalismstate-sponsored-factssociety-sponsored-discourses, etc. Neither am a representative of liberal media nor am a spokesperson of any opposition party for commenting here against the media-hyped PM aspirant Narendra Modi (NaMo). I am an anarcho-individualist raising just few critical questions which seems to go unanswered, which seems to have been unraised and which seems to have been not pondered yet.

First of all, it is highly insensible to believe that leftism and rightism are not two different sides of the same coin. In India, unfortunately, the public sphere as well as the established sphere is in great deficit of such discoursing culture. Contextually speaking, I am not finding so-called maniacist/minarchist NaMo to initiate this sphere. May be he is bemused about many things regarding it.

Second thing, his so-called minarchial slogan for the 2014 general-election(s) “minimum government, maximum governance” is utterly irrational. Expecting limited government begetting good governance is like expecting a kid to give birth to a dad. Most of his jingoistic supporters are even unaware of a logical fact that governance is nothing but grave-urn-nance. Government, I think, is a conspiracy. And I presume that he will not be in the actual position to infuse the environment of free market catallaxy into the system because the comfort of politicians highly depends upon the abundant production of socialism. Will he dare to fiscally cut the massive debt that will be nutritioned into Indian stomachs? Moreover, the voters or goats of India’s political abattoir elect their own oppressors or slaughterers every four-five years to suppress freedom, liberty and private property system. Axiomatically speaking, is NaMo ready – or even publicly commented yet – to incinerate hobbesian consciousness from the Constitution of India?

Third thing; NaMo, I think, is an obstructionist who deliberately failed to hamper genocide – in his own regional state – in 2002. Nevertheless, he is also not in the position to fully hug Austrianism for the betterment of Indian economy because his comfort also depends upon the injection of Keynesian theories/policies into the education system and market system of India. Therefore, his victory or any other national party’s victory – post-2014 – will usher no great reformation because the health of the statism – in India – depends upon the wealth of walking the road to serfdom.

Fourth thing, NaMo also possesses an undemocratic view regarding voting. He intended to make voting compulsory. Now don’t tell me that this political step isn’t fascistic, or else you gotta promptly commit suicide for possessing an irrational view as developed by your democracy. I am also an anarcho-capitalist and voting is not my ideological dictionary.

Fifth thing, by terming himself as a Hindu-nationalist, I think, he has revised communal politics. Anyways, I challenge him to decentralise money-supply, if he really cares about Indianism as well as methodological individualism. I challenge him to publicly share his own views on monetary policy as well as fiscal policy, if he really cares for the spirit of Indianism. I challenge him to incinerate the picture of Anarcho-pacifist Gandhi from the Indian currency and inject the images of Hindu-nationalists like Veer SavarkarBal Thackeray etc. if he really stands for what he actually believes in. I got the balls to challenge him on the said parameters because I am confident that he will not be doing it as the leftists and the rightists just seek out for certain options to further divide the divisive Indians.

Let me not talk about Bitcoins at all!

Sixth thing, he has not shared his views on trade policy as well as structural policy yet. Should I jump to the conclusion that he is basically illiterate in economics? I am not hurting the [irrational] sentiments of his apoplithorismosphobic supporters, but am just curious to know that why he has not commented or shown interest in the contemporary regards I made in this essay?

Last but not least, I challenge him to amend my rational opinion that I have manufactured against him or else I must continue to believe that he is not only an another ‘fatal conceit‘ but also part of the same coin or simply just an extension of Keynesianist Manmohan Singh. 

Source: http://indianlibertarians.org/2013/09/08/narendra-modi-is-another-fatal-conceit/

3 Responses to ““Narendra Modi is another ‘fatal conceit’” by Jaimine”
  1. mindmithun says:

    Thanks a lot for featuring this article. We Indian Libertarians are promoters of anarchism+ capitalism (anarcho capitalism) in India, You have put up a great collection.. Keep up the good work. Anarchy lives.

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