A wordpress article about Parsis, a clan of Zoroastrians who were driven out of Iran by the Muslim Arabs.


“Within 50 years, may be we will no more exist” worry the last 67.000 “parsi” of India, almost all of them living in Mumbaï, the economic capital of the country. This tight-knit community left Persia ( now Iran) in the VIII° century, fleeing the islamization of the country by Arab invaders. In fact, “parsi” are zoroastrians, zoroastrianism being a religion based on the teachings of the prophet Zoroaster, a tradition that divides the world between the good and the evil,… Between the VIII° and the X° century, many zoroastrians arrived in western India, and most of them settled in the present states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Before the British colonization, most of them were farmers and shopkeepers in the villages, or traders or craftsmen in the towns. With the introduction of the western economy, they became mostly city-dwellers and in the first half of the XIX° century, they monopolized at Bombay the commerce with Europe. ( They…

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