A wordpress article about the nomadic tribe.


As usual, they are seated in front of their “gadi”, the chariot they use to travel as well as their house. While the man is making a pick by hammering on his anvil, his wife is rotating the bellows.  Timelessly, they repeat these gestures for hours everyday. Both belong to a blacksmith caste from western India, the Gaduliya Lohar.

Nomads since ever, the Gaduliya Lohar would have settled in the Middle Age in the Mewar region ( Southeastern Rajasthan, India) to manufacture the weapons of the ” Sisodia Rajput”, the local kings and warriors. After the defeat of Chittor ( then capital of Mewar) in 1568 by the Mughal emperor Akbar, they felt so humiliated by the defeat of the weapons they had made, they promised never to have a house again and never come back again to Chittor as long as the fortress would not be recaptured, as long as their honour…

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