The ANNA Fever: NEWS

“He has been able to mobilise public support because there is so much dissatisfaction with the issue. Citizens have even created a website – — where people can denounce the corruption they encounter in their daily lives,” the CNN reported.


“Fueled by obsessive coverage on India’s all-news television networks, the jailhouse protest clearly captured the imagination of the country, and appeared to have backed government leaders into a political corner,” the New York Times said.


“In April, Hazare held a five-day fast that garnered enormous national support and helped make him the public face of a grass-roots anti-graft fight. It also put the ruling Congress Party under pressure to pass a controversial Lokpal, or people’s protector, bill that, among other things, would establish an independent ombudsman able to investigate senior officials,” The Los Angeles Times said.


The Wall Street Journal accused Hazare of undermining the Indian constitution, alleging that the methods used by the social activist are nothing but a “grammar of anarchy”.
“Methods of Hazare’s kind have no place in a democratic republic and, as the architect of India’s constitution B R Ambedkar warned in 1949, are nothing but the grammar of anarchy,” said the paper.

“He demands that parliament create the unelected post of ombudsman, chosen by a panel of worthies, with sweeping powers to haul up any public official on graft charges, including the prime minister,” the daily said.


“A hunger strike by Anna Hazare is feeding public anger against political and state corruption,” said in an article titled “A new ‘Gandhi’ shakes India”.

The article severely criticises Indian government’s handling of the situation calling it a “bizarre situation where elected representatives started to bow to the demands of a self-appointed saint”.


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