Gungadin Luhar from India: Coalition Against Work and Civilization (Radio interview)

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Notes on the interview by Gungadin Luhar.

*About Al Hilaal

* At the centre of the term hilaal is the infinitive: hilaanaa . In many South Asian languages it means to move, to shake something. This name is based on a belief about Santhals from eastern India.Early morning before going to work at the field of moneylender or landlord, s/he shakes haandi with her toe. If the haandi refuses to move Santhal also refuses to move. So long there is rice in the haandi, Santhal shall not move to work. So we are.

* Primary aim of dominating social cultural norms, civilization, state, market and revolution is to bring two poles of work and worker together. If society and state have to function normally, then they have to be joined together. However, like similar magnetic poles, they get away from each other more easily than coming together.

*Singing, dancing, playing, hospitality are simple human activities. As soon as these activities turn into source of our livelihood, they become work. Instead of playing a game it becomes our career. It becomes potentially a part of Sports Industry. Singing and dancing become Entertainment Industry. Hospitality becomes Hospitality Management. History of Civilization is the history of turning more and more human activities into work (-flows).

* As soon as you start outdoing your potential competitor in the labour market you turn into the enemy of worker from your own generation. I have to outcompete the pre-existing and potential competitors so I turn into enemy of older and coming generations. Above all, I have to turn into my own enemy to able to work for lesser wages more productively in lesser time . “Conquer yourself, if you want to conquer the world.”

* Only if you turn into your enemy, enemy of your contemporaries, of earlier generations and of coming generations you will be able to survive. Anti-Being becomes the precondition of our Being.

*Given the first opportunity 99% of people working shall drop their job for something other than work.

* When it is about celebrating festivals and communal activities, like Santhals, our energy knows no bounds. At the end of the day what elites called civilization was work for us. We are against all work-pyramids like countries, companies, families and identities. We are for self-determined human activities which is not possible without abolition of our existence as wage-workers or serfs. We are for non-hijackable, non-hierarchical and coercion-free communities. Hence the name Coalition Against Work, Representation and Civilization in South Asia: Al Hilaal



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